Sunday Numbers Update: Big Week for Romney

I’ve updated all the numbers and their pages at my blog, and they all show a big week for Mitt Romney.

Please remember all these metrics are purely mathematical and many of the margins are very small but nonetheless the momentum Romney has is clear and graphic.

The TMI has been at its maximum of 99 for Romney for 3 straight days
The probability of victory is remaining relatively constant around 65% for Romney
The popular vote projection now exceeds 3% in favor of Romney
The Electoral College projection has swung clearly in Romney’s favor

NOTE: The Electoral College projections are the most affected by the very small margins and could change quickly as the deltas vacillate between one candidate and the other. Several of these margins are less than 0.5% and that’s why I have not updated Map 2012.

16 days and the final debate remain and the race is still too close to call with any degree of authority but for the moment the numbers are clearly in Romney’s favor.

About Tom Dougherty

Political data expert and small biz owner. I detest apathy, ignorance & sloth and respect personal accountability & responsibility.
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